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Simpli Homes is an online retailer that creates affordable, high quality furniture sold directly from their ecommerce website. They tasked me with redesigning their website, user experience and helping  to future-proof their brand.

Hero image for Simpli Homes


Step one in our process was to lay out some new styles and establish the look and feel. Image treatment, primary, tertiary and accent colours, text and icon styles is only the beginning. We set out to push the boundaries of every aspect of style, while keeping things simple enough to accomodate all users, regardless of device, age or accessibility.

Step two was colours. To create a warm feeling throughout the site, we paired the brands original blue with a complimentary gold tone to deliver on that goal. We also added a deep red to create pops of colour to draw the user’s eye to badges and discount information.

a mockup of fonts for Simpli homes
a mockup of fonts for Simpli home showing heirarchy



This is where things get fun. I was tasked with combining typography and colors to bring the brand to life. I began to design elements and template parts for the website, forging a new vision for how we displayed information and generated user interest.

a style tile for Simpli home

ux and wireframing

When you have a business thats online-only, every click is a victory. Our first step was to make a UX kit and wireframe that encouraged users to get where they wanted to go as quickly as possible. We focused on product imagery, simplicity and brand values to drive users to make the conversion without friction.

simpli home wireframe 1
simpli home wireframe 2
simpli home wireframe 3
simpli home wireframe 4
simpli home wireframe 5
simpli home wireframe 6
simpli home wireframe 7
simpli home wireframe 8
simpli home wireframe 9

ui and designs

With our style guide and UX in place, it was time to bring everything together. We focused on clean design, with punctuations of colour through buttons, icons, illustrations and photography. Our goal was to display a quality brand that was both approachableand affordable. At it's completion I did over 20 custom designs for desktop, mobile, and tablet views. I simplified the data heavy sections with illustrations in order to make things more palatable for the end user.

simpli home mockup 1
simpli home mockup 2
simpli home mockup 3
simpli home mockup 4
simpli home mockup 5
simpli home mockup 6
simpli home mockup 7
simpli home mockup 8
simpli home mockup 9

putting it


simpli home macbook mockup
simpli home quality page
simpli home product page
simpli home product highlights
Missy Mcgee's website mockup on iphone
simpli home mobile product mockup
simpli home mobile homepage mockup
simpli home mobile freatures mockup
simpli home mobile product features



Oxford loyalty

UX and UI
User journey
app design

The Oxford Hospitality group tasked our agency with designing a loyalty program app that would give information, grant rewards and have users earning digital currency

View case study
view case study


UX and UI
User journey
webflow development

Rubisco came to us after receiving a website build from a local agency that wasn't up to their standard. I set out to build them a website that made better use of their brand and told their story using interesting layouts. This website was built in Webflow using client-first development techniques.



a portrait of Darcy McGilvery
Darcy McGilvery
Simpli home

“For website design, Matt Stobo is a bankable pro. It’s rare to find creative talent that is also dependable and process-driven. Having seen my share of disaster web design projects, Matt represents the alternative—beautiful designs produced in a controlled fashion. I’ve worked with Matt on several projects and intend to continue into the future.”

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