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From the mountains of Canada, I now  call New Zealand my home. Out here I'm looking to explore, meet interesting people and work with inspiring companies who’s values align to my own. I'm currently accepting freelance contracts and contract positions.

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Currently accepting new clients
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Currently exploring career opportunities
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Currently accepting new clients
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Currently exploring career opportunities
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Currently accepting new clients
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I have over 10 years of experience designing websites, ui applications, mobile apps, branding and illustration. Scroll down to see some of my featured work and view my case studies to discover my design process.

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about me

I specialise in high quality digital design, strategy and no code web development. My attention to detail, thorough process and elegant designs have helped hundreds of clients reach their web goals.
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art direction

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I combine creative visuals and strategic thinking to create captivating digital experiences. from colours, typography and visual style to image treatment and layout, every element is carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression on users.

ux and ui

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My User Experience strategy focuses on understanding personas and meeting user needs, ensuring seamless navigation and meaningful interactions.

My User Interface crafts the visual and interactive elements that bring designs to life, creating intuitive interfaces that captivate users. Together, they shape the digital landscape, orchestrating harmony between form and function, leaving users with an unforgettable journey through the virtual world.


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Strategy in web design is the North Star that guides every interaction and click. From defining target audiences to mapping out user journeys, every move is calculated. I strive to create a harmonious fusion of creativity and logic, and my web strategy ensures that every element serves a meaningful purpose and delivers exceptional results.

no code development

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From concept to reality, I craft visually stunning and highly functional websites that leave competitors in awe. Embracing innovation and creativity, I empower businesses of all sizes to rise above the crowd and conquer the digital realm effortlessly. I use Webflow to develop future-proof and frictionless code that responds to any device.


I also give back where I can. In the past I have volunteered at local animal shelters, taught children’s Jiu Jitsu, as well as acted as an ambassador of the team at community events.

I have given free guitar and bass lessons and helped musicians prep for recording sessions and live performances.

In addition, I love to do volunteer design work and I give a huge discount for non profit work or for companies who’s vision aligns with my own. I donate both time and money to causes local and abroad and generally try to be a good person.


  • snowboarding
  • brazilian jiu jitsu
  • mountain biking
  • boxing
  • bouldering
  • travelling
  • dogs
  • playing music
  • drawing
  • reading
Matthew after a hikeMatthew riding a mountain bike with his dogMatthew snowboardingMatthew getting his purple belt in jiu jitsuMatthew outdoor rock climbingMatthew scuba divingMatthew with a Komodo DragonMatthew hugging a friendly alpacaMatthew after a hikeMatthew riding a scooter through CambodiaMatthew riding a mountain bike with his dogMatthew after a hike