Greetings. I'm Matt Stobo

A multidisciplinary Designer Living in the Mountains

But multidisciplinary can mean a lot of things. I’m an Art Director, web designer, digital storyteller, illustrator and amateur fisherman. Ive worked with digital agencies across Canada helping clients to evolve their online presence and tell their brand story. Keep scrolling below to get a better idea of what I create.


I create websites

Not just your typical brochure website either. I design future-proof websites that are made to be responsive. My sites evoke emotion and are optimized for a streamlined user flow.

I Create Art

After long days of adhering to the rigidity of client expectations, or web standards, I like to pursue art that is free, bizarre, and psychedelic. Where as the web side of things focuses on logic and process, my art sheds those for sheer creativity. I design art for canvas prints, skateboards and snowboards.


I Also Specialize In



There is a huge difference between storytelling and content on a static website. I strive to bring brands to life, and breathe identity and personality into every project I do.



An often overlooked phase of design, prototyping is essential. By establishing hierarchy and layout, you can communicate with your users by determining their biggest needs.


Design Explorations

I can’t sit still. I never stop looking for new ways to approach old problems, or conceptualizing new ideas. I work to stay on top of the newest trends and ideas, and to further them through design explorations.

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